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Live Feed/Projection

Large audiences can be a challenge to play to, particularly if your venue is a hall, conference center, or any other setting lacking a rake. The closer the action needs to be followed, the more challenging it can be to impart the desired experience. We can bring speakers, presentations, or any other imagery you desire directly to your audience using LED televisions or projectors. Using this technology you can ensure that the information your attendees need is displayed in a way which makes it easy to take it all in.


Of course you need to ensure that your guests of honor are heard, but we know that not all venues are created equal, or staffed by experts. We’re prepared to leverage our experience—and provide any equipment necessary to make up for the shortcomings of the location—during the setup and execution of your event in order to ensure that your guests have very the best listening experience possible. And if you need us to provide for a live broadcast of your event’s audio stream, or to cleanly record the happenings, we’ve definitely got you covered.

Video Capture

Whether you want to record your event for posterity, are looking to archive content for education and training, or are seeking expanded merchandising options, we’ve got the skills and the equipment to ensure that your event is captured in the manner which best suits its content. We can work with single or multiple camera setups, mix angles, and even catch crowd footage if you desire. Talking you through your options before the event helps us be certain that you’ll come away with footage you’ll be proud of.

Conference Decor

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As much as you may be an expert in your field, we know from experience that handling the little touches which set the stage for your event can be just the kind of detail you’d rather leave to someone else. Our experience in film production includes knowing exactly how to adorn your venue in exactly the right dressing for your content. Ensuring that your attendees are suitably impressed with the backdrop is just another way we can help you execute the perfect event.


When you absolutely need to get a large number of people involved in your event, webcasting from My Event, Live! Is the perfect option. From shareholder meetings to company-wide engagements, we’re able to ensure that all parties involved in your event can stay connected to the proceedings. Our state-of-the-art networking gear even makes it possible to cast your event live from some very non-traditional venues, letting you break free of the mold.

Video Production

When simple raw archival of an event falls short of your goals, we can step in to add just the right amount of polish to your content to make it suit your target audience. From training films, to infomercials, or even the production of films designed to capture family gatherings, we know exactly how to set, shoot, and edit to capture the perfection you desire. We’ll edit the footage to match the precise style you want to achieve.